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Your Wedding Celebrant

  • For a Catholic wedding you’ll need a Priest or Deacon to act as your celebrant/solemniser, by agreement with the administrator of your chosen wedding church.

  • For civil purposes, your celebrant must be among the solemnisers named by the Registrar's Office. If not already on this Register (e.g. a visiting missionary) he should get listed before the wedding date.

  • If neither bride nor groom is a regular attender of the church where they wish to marry, they may have to find their own celebrant for the wedding. With the shortage of active priests, finding one may be difficult. Before their wedding the couple should make contact with their parish, so that their priest may help them make it a sacrament.

  • A suitable offering (perhaps around 200 euro) should be made to your celebrant. (For a purely civil wedding in 2016, the fee to the solemniser is between 100 and 200 euro)

  • In a mixed marriage, by agreement with your priest some significant part may be played by a minister of the non-Catholic party.