Questionnaire: Are You Ready to Marry?

30 questions to consider & discuss, selected by your counsellors.
Method: First consider them alone, then discuss them with partner.

1. What are my hopes and expectations for our life together?

2. Is there any pattern in partner’s behaviour that really worries me?

3. Have we, as a couple, discussed what we want from our marriage?

4. How do you think your relationship will change after the marriage?

5. Am I ever made uneasy by my future spouse's behaviour? (when?)

6. What should be the agreed level of confidentiality between you?

7. What values/habits will i bring from my own family, into our marriage?

8. Do you perceive him/her as being jealous or controlling? (In what ways?)

9. How well do you listen to each other? Can you continue to keep this up?

10. Do you feel "cherished/special" in your relationship? In what ways?


11. How fully do you know each other's health-history?

12. How will/should the household chores be divided up ?

13. How freely can each pursue personal interests, after marriage?

14. How to make sure you have regular, quality couple-time?

15. Can you talk openly to each other about money matters?

16. What are your thoughts about a shared budget, once married?

17. Do you consider nights-out and holidays as a need or luxury?

18. Do both know where jointly-important documents are located?

19. How many children do you want, ideally? (& how to plan them?)

20. When do you hope or plan to have your children?


21. Do you have a shared parenting policy, at least in outline?

22. Which one of you should stay at home after you have children?

23. What type of birth control do you plan to use in your marriage?

24. Do you think faith and spirituality are important in your marriage?

25. Are you comfortable discussing your sexual preferences?

26. Are you comfortable discussing your sexual fears and dislikes?

27. When making decisions, do you face issues or try to avoid conflict?

28. Is there anything in your relationship to be resolved before marrying?

29. Do you expect partner to change, to fit in with your preferences?

30. Are both willing to communicate and be truly intimate with each other?

* If you strongly disagree on five or more issues, you may want a counselling session?



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