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Testimonials from couples who attended the Together course


Overall: Enjoyable,friendly

Hi Angela,
We just wanted to thank you and Fr Pat for the lovely day your led recently on Oct 10th. We thought the course explored some very valuable life lessons and was extremely useful.
Kind Regards,
Keri and Jonathan..


Hi Angela,
Thanks so much for today -- We found it helpful and in places even very entertaining. All the speakers were great. It's probably the best premarriage course we could have found!
Louise and Fergus

Hi Angela,
We had a great day last Saturday in the Maldron, Tallaght and fully agree with our friends who told usit was the best of the one-day courses. Both of us thoroughly enjoyed the day and found the material very practical and realistic. Also thanks for the nice Scroll we got at the end of the course, for a framed record of our marriage vows..
Ursula and Robbie

Dear Angela and Fr Pat,
That was a lovely course yesterday (28 Sept, 2014)! We had heard from friends that it's best of the pre-marriage courses run on a one-day basis. And now we agree. It was informative, upbeat and cheerful, just right for us. Getting married in three months - and we really feel ready now.
Brian and Deirdre

To whom it may concern
We did our course back in August. I think it was the Together one, held in a hotel in Tallaght- and we found it a really enjoyable day. It surprised us both. Even the priest had a fresh, non-preachy approach that we enjoyed. To be honest we're having a civil ceremony so didn't have to do the course but we did anyway and it raised some interesting things for us to look at and talk about. We were in a large group so there was no pressure to answer questions etc. There was some god stuff, but not much, and my husband is atheist so that religious input was a bit awkward for him; but I would definitely recommed it.
Pamela (and with reservations, Brad)

Hi there,
We found the day really excellent - the course was very well put together (pun intended!) and honestly, quite enjoyable even.... we found it much better than expected - well worth doing. We will recommend it to others ... We really enjoyed the married couple Mary and Tom, who showed that if you really want it you will keep up your marriage.... They are a credit to all married couples out there.
Patricia and John

Hi, Pat and Angela,
Just a few quick lines to thank you and your team for a very interesting pre-marriage course last month. Oscar and I definitely have plenty of material for thought ( even after two children and 16 years together!). The message about 'know who are marrying' in terms of family-background, only-child versus one-of-many children really opened my eyes again. We thought the couple's story at the end was an excellent way of grounding everyone as to the commitment we are making for better and worse. It was a well-structured and very informative day -so thank you to all of the team.
Jacqueline and Michael

Dear Angela,
Just two lines to thank you for the quality day spent together last Sunday, the 23rd. We found the course very useful and also enjoyed it a lot. A big thank and greetings to you, Father Pat, Brian, and the lovely couple that talked at the end of the day. We went back home full of enthusiasm and with a treasure of positive learnings. We're going to review soon the website's tips in deeper detail, so to gather further suggestions, especially for the ceremony preps.
All the best,
Giuliana and Alessio

Angela and Father Pat, and team,
Joe and I were on your course last Saturday, and we were really delighted with the whole experience. The atmosphere was so friendly and non-bossy, whereas we had expected it to be more like school, just handing out knowledge on a take-it-or-leave-it basis. All the speakers were great, but we enjoyed the couple's talk at the end most of all. It was so honest and down to earth, and it's clear they are still mad about each other. Thanks for an excellent and most worthwhile course. We will be recommending it to our friends.
Pauline K.

We did the pre marriage course there was a couple of times we were put into small groups to discuss things. If you didn't want to speak you didn't have. To there was no talking in front of the group unless you wanted to. It was mainly speakers giving the talks and you were free to ask questions or comment if you wanted to. I wasn't really looking forward to it at all . . .but it was fine - nothing to be worrying about.

Pre-approved course
Four months to the wedding. . . And we're doing the Together course in tallaght over one Saturday. It was pre-approved by our priest -- as someone said, do check it first!

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Sessions: Most helpful


Session 1 (Communication):
The speaker had good content on this very important part of marriage... It's nice to know that there is always someone there to talk to if you hit the hard road ... Clearly the way your communicate affects everything else!

The importance of REALLY listening, knowing your arguing style can help limit our disagreements by focusing on the issue not just on how things are said .
Rodrigo and Claire

Session 2 (Intimacy and family planning):
The speaker Angela was great today! She is a very nice lady, and clearly knowledgable about this important area... I felt that the piece on sexuality and famliy planning was very well delivered, frank and to the point and didnt feel embarassing at all. I liked the info about smears, breast check and men checking themselves this is something people need info on and are still shy about... Perhaps even more practical suggestions on handling family planning problems may be useful... But overall, a very helpful pre-marriage course, we felt.
Caroline and Desmond

Session 3 (Marriage in Law and Church):
This session was excellent: very informative and humorously delivered, with good, practical suggestions for the church ceremony... Marriage in the Law brought up a few points we hadn't really thought about before.... Arranging the Mass, and what to organise with the priest was also really helpful. The documentation info was also spot on, as some priests are not helpful with this... Maybe a one-page handout from him, on the requirements of church and state, would be helpful... But the fact that all his stuff is online, is a really good idea.
Aideen and Brian


Session 4 (One Couple's Experience):
Excellent and very touching session. The couple are extremely brave and an inspiration... They had some amazing stories and great to see how they were able to get through some of their problems... They were lovely, brave, ordinary people, we could all learn something from them!... Having the young couple come in to talk to a room full of strangers was extremely helpful - they didn't sugar coat anything and their honesty was inspiring. For us it left a real impression and brought tears to our eyes. It really brought home the changes that will take place and the committment and work involved to make a marriage a success.
Sinead and Fiachra

Hi guys,
Thanks for the day. Personally we found the the course highly relevant and a valuable preparation for our marriage. We found the input to be clear and engaging. The guest speaker couple had some important messages to convey, and did so in a very interesting manner
Suzanne and John Lalor

Dear Together Team,
Just a quick note to say how fantastic Damien and I found the course last Saturday. We thoroughly enjoyed the entire day so thanks very much to you all. It was also the easiest pre-marriage course for us to get to, since we live in Tallaght! We will give you a Like on facebook, later on.
Thanks a million!

Hi Father Pat,
The course was very good value, and the speakers much better than we had expected. We both found it a worthwhile experience and would warmly recommend it to others.
Denis and Joan

Hello to the Team,
We Enjoyed Angela's talk in particular; she is clearly a very nice woman and doesn't talk rubbish and I also found the other speakers great as well... The presenters where all top-class and the contents all relevant and interesting. The couple at the end did an excellent job and we commend them for standing up in front of everyone and telling their story.
Paul and Sandra

Dear Team
I enjoyed the course when we did it. I know a lot of people give out about them, but I thought it would be helpful. It was very relaxed, there is a priest involved in presenting one of the sections, but is not too focused on religion which can bother some people. It was mostly about discussing different aspects of marriage, communication within the relationship and seeking help if you need it. They said we shouldn't learn anything new on the course, but it is more for reflection on your relationship and your expectations of marriage.
Wifeen (from weddings-online.)

We regularly receive testimonials along those lines, but these give the general drift..... Our Together course has been fortunate in the professionalism of its presenters, who combine realism with optimism and a sense of humour; plus a willingness to listen to what our engaged couples want us to hear talked about!