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Sexuality, Intimacy and Relationship

(To sustain the sense of intimacy in your marriage)

  • Explore the family background and emotional development of each other. This can lead to a much a much better understanding of the responses of your partner in all areas of your relationship and in particular lovemaking. Test how well you show respect for each other, in your interaction.

  • Don't underrate the importance of Sexual Harmony in your marriage. this is an essential part of showing "love and honour" towards each other. Tenderness and lovemaking are a vital part of honouring each other and keeping you happy together.

  • A healthy body can enjoy making love much more than an unhealthy one. Therefore following medical advice and looking after your Health and Diet will be well worth while, for your long-term intimate relationship.

  • Despite the pressures and stress of modern living, making Quality Time for each other - on a fairly regular basis - can significantly contribute to the well-being and intimacy of your relationship.


Family of Origin

Sexual Harmony

  • The sexual relationship plays a vital role within a couple's marriage.

    But it is only one part of the relationship and its quality depends on all other elements of the marriage working well.

    We explored the vital area of sexuality under several headings:

    • Awareness - e.g. when you first become aware of your own sexuality

    • Male and female approaches to lovemaking.

    • Health issues - discussing how these can affect your sex life

    • Family planning - how this is a shared responsibility between the couple.

    • The benefit of good communication in order to fully understand your partner's views.

    • Fertility awareness Quiz (a light-hearted look at the facts)

    • The subject of infertility is also explored

    Maintaining your sexual relationship long-term. Here the different elements both positive and negative of a sexual relationship within marriage long term are discussed, in order to provide a realistic overview of what lies ahead.

    The fulfilment that lovemaking brings to a loving couple is deeper than just "having sex". The quality of mutual loving and friendship enables a couple to maintain a relationship over the long term


Health Issues



Advice is freely available to women on health care, especially during their fertile life. But while women are aware of this advice, often they are so caught up in the role of mothering and family life that, without intending, they neglect the warning signs nature gives them.

Good health can't be taken for granted. So no matter how busy life becomes, it pays dividends to take the time now and then to check that everything is okay. And its always worthwhile to build healthy practices and exercise into your lifestyle. Being male has its own health risks, that should be known and dealth with.

Coronary heart disease kills at least one in every three men. High blood pressure will affect one in five. One in three of us gets cancer, while one in four dies from it. Many endure too much stress, fatalistically resigned to it instead of realising things can be changed for the better. Effective help is available, but you have to look for it.



Quality Time


No matter how busy your personal schedules may become - or may be, even at present - if your relationship is to flourish it is vital to set aside enough time to enjoy each other's company as a couple, and talk over areas that affect your personal lives. The union of marriage needs constant maintenance.