FAQs about our Pre-Marriage Course

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  Why do a pre-marriage course ?      


Why is a pre-marriage course needed?

If a couple are already living together, why need they attend a pre-marriage course? The course is to get the couple reflecting on their actual interaction and their commitment to each other. It is for reflection and awareness more than teaching.

A priest responsible for celebrating a Catholic wedding is obliged under church law to ensure that the couple have made suitable preparation to undertake the duties of married life. Although he can opt to personally deliver this marriage preparation guidance, the usual practice is to require the couple to attend an approved pre-marriage course. It is advisable to check with your priest before booking your pre-marriage course.

  What courses are approved?     


What standards apply to p-m courses? 

The Irish episcopal conference issued a set of Guidelines or CRITERIA for courses of marriage preparation (June 2010). These Criteria may be regarded as non-binding in special circumstances. It is advisable to consult your priest before booking your pre-marriage course. If he is unfamiliar with the Together course, why not tell him about us?

  Benefits of the Together course?      


Benefits of the Together course?

Our pre-marriage course takes a solid and sensible look at marriage as a partnership pledged for life and a sacrament blessed and sealed by God. We believe in sacramental marriage as a real and fruitful vocation to a shared life.
Our four, substantial sessions are interactive, not straight lectures. Couples can get actively involved in the discussion, if they so choose.

Our priest (course director) explains your available choices for personalising your wedding ceremony. We hold a light-hearted wedding rehearsal, to help you visualise your ceremony.

Our discussions will centre around:
1. Communication.
2. Sexuality and intimacy.
3. Marriage in law and in church.
4. Adapting to each other.

Where are courses conducted?

Our courses are conducted in the Plaza Hotel, beside THE SQUARE shopping centre, Tallaght; West of the M-50. Free underground parking for the course. Click here for directions to the hotel.

Advance booking is required. We could not organise a pre-marriage course without this (e.g. book the auditorium, alert the hotel's restaurant of how many guests to expect, or prepare your personalised attendance certificate to issue to each couple at the end of the course.

Your booking will be confirmed by email. Please keep a note of the date for which you've booked. It will be printed on the top segment of your booking form - the part you keep as a reminder of the course date and venue.

  Is there a refund if we need to cancel?  


Will we get a refund if we have to cancel ?

Yes, we will refund your fee in full if we are notified by phone Phone(01 296-4257) at least 5 days before the date you booked. Sometimes we can transfer you to another date at no extra charge. The same applies to last-minute, genuine emergencies.

But if a couple simply fails to turn up for the course they booked, without prior notification, no refund will be due, because their unused places were made unavailable to another couple.

  How early to take the course?       


How early to take the course?

A good rule-of-thumb is: once you're formally engaged and have set a date with the Church. It's not unusual to take the course months before the wedding date. Anyway, don't leave it to the last minute! You may actually get more benefit from it if you take it at leisure, well before the big day itself.
If marrying ABROAD, you should do your pre-marriage course at least FOUR MONTHS ahead of your wedding date. The parish abroad will want to a cert from an approved pre-marriage-course among your documents, validated by your home parish or diocese.

   Are financial issues discussed ?  


Are financial issues discussed?

Due to tight time constraints, we do not have a specific session devoted to financial issues and problems in marriage, but the topic is mentioned during each of our sessions, as something to be handled openly and fairly by couples.

As a useful supplement to our course, any couple on the course who may request it are offered an initial financial consultation, absolutely free, with John Lowe, the highly regarded Money Doctor. John's frank discussion of money issues has benefitted many couples. For details of this offer, just click here.

  Is individual counselling part of it?      


Is individual counselling part of it??

There is no individual counselling DURING the course-day itself, though we may have some light-hearted, non-intrusive communication exercises to liven things up.

After attending Together, and as a necessary extension of our course, any couple worried about any unresolved issue may request a counselling session before making their wedding vows. At their request, we will refer individuals or couples to one of our counsellors for a free initial session. Indeed, if thorny issues should arise later on within the marriage, we strongly urge couples to consider availing of marriage counselling before their communication difficulties reach total stalemate. See ACCORD or any other reputable counselling service.

  Will our attendance cert be accepted?     


Will our attendance cert be accepted??

After our fourth session (5 pm), each couple present will receive a personalised Certificate containing:
  • The names of the couple
  • The place and date of the course
  • How to contact the course director

Our certs are widely accepted at home and abroad.


For course-related questions, you're welcome to phone us
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