Standards for Pre-Marriage Courses

(See Bishops' text)

Content: Core elements of marriage relationship form the basis of any course.

Dialogue: Emphasis is on the couple & their needs ... with the couples free to engage..

Training: All the facilitators should have the highest standard of training.

Clergy input : A collaboration of laity and clergy is required in marriage preparation..

9 facilitated hours of client contact are desirable in a pre-marriage course..

followed on the Together course

Content: Our basics are: relationship, communication and sacrament.

Dialogue: We ask for the couples' needs and concerns and respond to them.

Training: Our presenters are highly trained and undergo peer assessment.

Clergy input: Our team are lay men and women, along with a priest or deacon.

In our one-day course (9 am to 5 pm), "9 facilitated hours" are impossible.
Instead of the 9th hour, we offer a session of couple counselling, if required.

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